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CareConnect Health Information Exchange

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CareConnect HIE is South Africa’s first industry-wide Health Information Exchange (HIE). A registered NPO, CareConnect connects providers, patients and funders through a unified care record that delivers up-to-date, real-time, and consolidated information across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Health data sharing, now more than ever, is a crucial aspect of effective healthcare and benefits everyone from individuals to healthcare systems and entire populations. HIE is vital to improving healthcare quality, safety and patient outcomes.
  • Improved healthcare quality and health outcomes by reducing medication and medical errors.
  • Improving efficiencies by reducing unnecessary tests and ensuring that those involved in the patient’s care have access to the same complete set of patient information.
  • Reducing administrative costs by reducing paperwork and making many administrative tasks simpler and more efficient.
  • Enabling patients to be involved in their own healthcare, reducing paperwork and time spent briefing health service providers on their medical histories.
  • Coordination with and supporting public health officials to improve community and public health.

Benefits of HIE

Enabling access to critical patient information in an emergency situation when patients are unable to speak for themselves.

Enabling clinicians access to relevant patient health information regardless of where they are.

Improved patient outcomes through effective care processes across the continuum of care.

Enabling more effective care coordination between clinicians to the benefit of the patient.

A Unified Care Record provides a complete set of updated demographic and health information.

The Future of Healthcare

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HIEs matter because lives (and data) matter

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