Data Sets

To support the current use cases, CareConnect HIE collects a core set of data from participants which forms the foundation of the HIE.  These participants contribute crucial information such as patient demographic data, medical history, diagnoses, treatments, laboratory results, allergies and medication records.  As the HIE ecosystem continues to expand and new use cases are explored, the range and depth of data sets will likely grow to encompass additional sources and domains of healthcare information.

Current Payor Data Sets

Payor Events
EventPatientCoverageExplanation of BenefitMedication StatementOrganisation
Terminate policyYYYXY
New policy registrationYYYXY
Update policy detailsYYYYY
Authorise claimYYYYY
Medication updateYYYYY
Payor Data Collected
PatientCoverageExplanation of BenefitMedication StatementOrganisation
AddressStatusAdjudication Status
Address (Home) *
Address (Postal) *
Address (Work) *
Care Number *
Date of BirthTo TimeClaim Processed Date
Email *
GenderFrom TimeTo TimeText Instruction
Home NumberPolicy PlanFrom TimeTo Time
Is DeadIndividual Relationship CodePayer
Marital Status *
Mobile Phone *
MRNPatient/Member Record NumberStatusPatient/Member Record NumberAddress
National Identifier *Diagnoses
Other MRN’s *
Patient Contact Info.Insured Group OR Policy NumberPatient/Member Record NumberFrom Time
Patient IDMember Enrolment NumberMedical Claim NumberPlacer IDOrganisation
Preferred LanguageAdjudicated Coverage
Record Status (Revoke)Plan Specific Subscriber IDClaim TypeStatusContact
Sending FacilityProcess Notes
Work Phone *
* Denotes optional data provided

Current Provider Data Sets

Provider Events
New patient registrationYNNNYN
Update patient recordYNNNYN
Patient admission (Not All)YYYYYN
Patient dischargeYYYYYY
Patient encounter updateYYYYYY
Provider Data Collected
Patient IDEncounter NumberDiagnosis PriorityProcedure External IDOrganisationClinician References
MRNEncounter Type (In/Out)Diagnosis TypeProcedure StatusAddressAddress
Record Status (Revoke)Admitting ClinicianDiagnosis StatusProcedure Code/Descript.ContactContact
NameAdmit TimeDiagnosis Code/Descript.Encounter Number
Patient Contact Info.Discharge TimeEncounter NumberEntered At
Home NumberHealthCare FacilityEntered AtMRN
GenderEncounter MRNMRNClinician
Date of Birth* Referring ClinicianDiagnosis Date & TimeProcedure Time
Is Dead* Visit Description
Address* Admission Type
Preferred Language
Sending Facility
* National Identifier
* Care Number
* Email
* Work Phone
* Mobile Phone
* Address (Postal)
* Address (Home)
* Address (Work)
* Marital Status
* Other MRN’s
* Denotes optional data provided
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