The Health Information Exchange (HIE) Service Offering

Health Information Exchange allows health care professionals and patients to appropriately access and securely share a patient’s medical information electronically.

Participants of the CareConnect HIE share their data sets for specific use cases in a manner defined by the Data Use and Reciprocal Support Agreement (DURSA). The data within the HIE is utilised by participants through the Clinical Viewer and system-to-system interface. Please see an explanatory video of CareConnect’s Clinical Viewer below.

CareConnect's Clinical Viewer

CareConnect’s Clinical Viewer is an easy to use, browser-based visual representation of the information contained on the HIE.  This Clinical Viewer providers members of the care team a view of the patient information, including an overview of the patient and a clinical summary of their conditions and procedures. To protect patient information, access to information via the Clinical Viewer is based on three pre-defined roles, i.e. clerical role, the nurse role and the doctor role.

CareConnect’s powerful Patient Index matches and fixes data from HIE participants.  This means that the Clinical Viewer contains the most up-to-date information available.

Please watch the video for details on the Clinical Viewer.

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