CareConnect Newsletter December 2023

CareConnect Newsletter December 2023​

Heidi Kruger

From the desk of the CEO

As we wrap up another exciting year in the world of Health Information Exchange (HIE), it’s a good time to reflect on our journey and the strides we’ve made during 2023.

Despite the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill, there’s a shared vision in the health sector for Universal Health Coverage and a more equitable health system. This vision calls for a departure from the fragmentation and siloed pools of information towards a unified system that prioritises care coordination, primary and preventive care, and enables smooth patient transitions between and within the private and public health sectors.

HIE stands out as a crucial data utility in this context. By facilitating secure and efficient data exchange and maintaining an up-to-date Unified Care Record for each patient, HIE overcomes the limitations of fragmented systems.

Our recent ReConnect event on 26 October highlighted the advancements we’ve made towards this ideal. Attended by about 70 senior decision-makers from across the industry, the event featured keynotes from international and local experts including Dominick Bizzarro, renowned veteran of HIE implementation in the USA, and Dr Stavros Nicolaou who shared his insights on this pivotal moment in South Africa’s health system. The event also provided a platform for professionals from diverse healthcare sectors – including radiology, clinical practice, hospitals, PMAs, and medical schemes – to discuss the value and future potential of HIE to their organisations and practices.

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