CareConnect Newsletter September 2022

In our HIE world, this promotes ‘coopetition’, cooperative competition, which is a well-recognised and understood concept. The HIE enables cooperation in sharing of data and promotes competition in using the intelligence extracted from the data to drive value and efficiencies.

Corporate Brochure

Sparked by the need for patient-centric innovation that drives efficiencies, the CareConnect HIE is a single
integration hub that links information from all sources – healthcare facilities, funders and providers – to
deliver relevant and meaningful patient information to authorised users, when and where it is needed.

Patient Information Brochure

This Patient Information Brochure aims to share information on the importance of health data when being treated by a health professional. It also provides information on the security and confidentiality of health data within the HIE.

Information Pamphlet

Health data sharing, now more than ever, is a crucial aspect of effective healthcare and benefits everyone from individuals to healthcare systems and entire populations.

Hospital Admissions Brochure

WHEN MAY PATIENT INFORMATION BE SHARED?CareConnect HIE may only facilitate the sharing and accessing of a patient’s personal information through the HIE if the patient has provided valid consent to the participating hospital to do so. Without this consent, the patient’s information will not be shared and will not be accessible to those healthcare providers …

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CareConnect Open For Business

CareConnect Health Information Exchange (HIE) becomes THE source of industry intelligence, enabling the development of human-centric solutions in doing the business of healthcare. In our HIE world, this promotes ‘coopetition’, cooperative competition.

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